Injunction Denied in Atlanta Forest

by Onion / Earth First! Newswire Despite construction workers consistently violating a stop worker order by DeKalb County, a shady judge denied an injunction to halt further environmental destruction in the Atlanta Forest. The destruction is being committed in order to build […]

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Should the Ocean Have Legal Rights?

Human activities have put the ocean in serious trouble. We need a fundamentally different approach from most of today’s ocean-related decision-making, which is typically “anthropocentric in nature.” Read more in this article from The Revelator.

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Nantahala NF, the Buck Project

Old Forests Are Worth More Standing

[EF! Newswire Editor’s Note: By using the link below, you can send a personalized letter to some bureaucrats about protecting mature forests and send a few tweets around about it… Then you should go out and build a treesit in every 80+ […]

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