Friends of EF!

These people are all long time supporters of the Journal who go out of their way to help us out! We appreciate them ~

The Radical People podcast –

Radical People is a podcast that collects and shares direct action stories.  The goal of the show is to get behind the scenes with the people who don’t ask permission to change the world for the better, and who instead set out to make the change they deem necessary.

From an outsider’s perspective actions likes blockades, banner drops, occupations, mutual aid disaster relief, and even sabotage can seem quite foreign, and that distance prevents the general public from fully identifying with the people engaged in such action.  This show aims to capture the human element – the fear, the humor, the sorrow, the joy, the sheer frustration, the thankless dedication, and the deep comradery experienced by those who are fighting for their world.


Fight Toxic Prisons – 

The Campaign to Fight Toxic Prisons (FTP) is a collaboration with the Abolitionist Law Center. FTP’s mission is to conduct grassroots organizing, advocacy and direct action to challenge the prison system which is putting prisoners at risk of dangerous environmental conditions, as well as impacting surrounding communities and ecosystems by their construction and operation. FTP has focused much its attention in recent years opposing the construction of a new federal prison in Letcher County, Kentucky. It has also generated international awareness for prisoner-led efforts to challenge the prison system and support for environmental political prisoners.

FTP is inspired by the abolitionist movement against mass incarceration and the environmental justice movement, which have both been led by the communities who are hardest hit by prisons and pollution. Both these movements also have long histories of multi-racial alliances which FTP works to build on.


Entangled Roots Press – 

Entangled Roots Press is a print media project created by Ali Cat. Leeds. Her prints mingle the literal and metaphorical to illuminate and comment upon the world around us. Relief, screen, and letterpress prints span from the carnage of clear-cuts to the beauty of peoples movements.

She produces works about social, political, and ecological issues that are easily available to most peoples who may desire, or benefit from them. And has also begun to create and sell prints with the intent that a portion of the proceeds go directly to specific activist organizations including EF!J.


Hambach Forest Defense –

Hambach Forest Defense is an informal collective of individuals opposing the destructive logging happening in the Hambacher Forest in Germany.  They are in constant opposition to eviction and have squatted in a series of tree houses in the forest since 2012. 

The Hambach Forest, which one could call the last “primeval,” or what we call “ancient,” forest in Central Europe, is being stubbed for Europe’s biggest climate pollutant – the Rhenish lignite mining area of RWE (Rheinisches Braunkohlerevier), in which RWE mines brown coal. Whole villages and the health of human beings are destroyed in this process.