Earth First! Journal, Spring 2024

We’re so excited to share our Spring 2024 issue of the Earth First! Journal. Click article links below to read and share, and get in touch if you’d like a print copy (on the way to subscriber mailboxes now)!

In Memoriam: Drea Boit

Letter from the Editor

Prisoner Support

Wolf Pelts Are Beautiful by Fiona

The Fight for Thacker Pass

MVP Report Back

Mattole Report Back

Critical Minerals and Sacrifice Zones by Jules

Scrap Papers

The Tragedy of the Abyss by Elyse Hauser

Writing Poetry to Make Sense of Life

Poems for Drea by Karen Coulter and Grebe

Behold by Karen Coulter

The Care and the Fight and the Fire

Land Backing This

Dear Ned Ludd

A Return to Popular Antifascism by Keystone Anti-Racist Action

You Guys Are Fucking Nightmares

The Forest Was a Home for Us

# free victor

Free Palestine coloring page by Jackie Fawn

Pick Up the Torch by Black Mesa Solidarity Network

Climb Camp Update

Forest Fragment Love Letter by Griffy LaPlante

Summer Gathering Report Back

Dear Shit Fer Brains

Three Books, Two Opinions reviews by Ron and Ben

Tilted Guide to Being a Defendant discussion and review by Dyno and Hazel

From the Forest to the Courts, We Have Each Other’s Backs!

Artist Feature: Banderita Negra

Earth First! Junior

Never Surrendered: Klee Benally by Kevin Tucker

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