Spring Skill Share in Humboldt this March

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Forest Defenders in so-called Humboldt County are putting on a skill share and workshop camp March 10-March 16! It will be hosted on Chilula, Hupa and Whilkut land near willow creek. In these times of isolation and hardship it is all the more important that people come together in community. Reality is becoming harder and harder with the climate crisis at hand, the political climate and all the other day to day bullshit. It can be hard to do what you care about, or want to learn a new skill. But for this week we can all collectively take a break from that reality to foster a sense of real community. To come together and learn new skills that help us not only with things in our lives currently but enable all of us to reach beyond our comfort zones and build something beautiful together. From herbalism to tree climbing to blacksmithing this camp offers a skill for everyone.

The goal of this camp is not only to work in community to share our knowledge with one another but also to raise awareness about the struggles we are all fighting. Either in local grassroot struggles or the wider struggles that all of humanity is fighting. We are open and inclusive to all race, genders, classes and we will not stand for any discrimination or hateful behavior at this camp. If you are behaving inappropriately you will be asked to leave in order to maintain a shared and open space for all. If you are able to contribute any skills or workshops please let us know! We would be so excited for you to share some of your skills as well. Please email forestaction@riseup.net to rsvp for the event and receive more information. If you’re able any donations go a long way it will help us give the best experience possible and helps us to put on more events. Our venmo is @forestdefense 🙂

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