Germany: Activists Block Shell Refinery in Wesseling / Godorf

Press Release by “No (S)hell On Earth” (google translated by EF!J) Climate activists began blockading the central infrastructure of the Rhineland Shell refineries at 6 this morning. This action of several small groups is called “No (S)hell On Earth,” and takes place as part of the campaign days “Resistance With Distance” (#AufstandMitAbstand). 60 activists are […]

Chihuahua, MX: Revolt Demands Access to Water Allotted to US

by Difusión Comunista Anárquica / It’s Going Down English translation of a report from Difusión Comunista Anárquica about the recent uprising in defense of water in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. Since Wednesday July 29, self-organized protests by campesinos and community members have kicked off in the municipality of Rosales in the Mexican state of […]

Unist’ot’en 2020 Summer Work Camp

from The work of the Unist’ot’en Healing Centre has continued despite the ongoing invasion of the Yin’tah by CGL and the RCMP, and the health impacts of the global COVID-19 pandemic. The struggle of Black communities for Black Lives during this time has both added to a shared revolutionary movement for Liberation while also […]

Multiple Construction Site Blockades and Lock Downs for the National Day of Direct Action Against the Baltic Pipeline Project in Denmark

Early on the morning of August 3, activists from across Denmark woke up early and locked down at multiple construction sites to stop construction of the Baltic Pipe, just one more of the idiotic fossil gas infrastructure projects currently being built in Europe. The Baltic pipe project wants to bring Norwegian fossil gas to Poland, […]

Life as an Amazon Activist: a Profile of Juma Xipaya

by Peter Speetjens / Mongabay Socio-environmental activists are an endangered species in the Brazilian Amazon, with regularly occurring assassination-style killings like those of activists Chico Mendes in 1988 and Sister Dorothy Stang in 2005 creating an ongoing climate of fear. According to human rights watchdog Global Witness, Brazil in 2017 was the world’s most dangerous […]

Judge Shuts Down Dakota Access Pipeline

by Dharna Noor / Earther In a stunning win for the environmental justice movement, a court just ordered that the Dakota Access Pipeline must be shut down. The U.S. District Court for Washington, DC, ruled on Monday that an important federal permit that the Army Corps of Engineers granted to the pipeline’s developer, Energy Transfer […]

Duke Energy, Dominion Abandon the $8 Billion Atlantic Coast Pipeline

by John Downey / Charlotte Business Journal The $8 billion, 600-mile Atlantic Coast Pipeline is dead. Dominion Energy Inc. and Duke Energy Corp. are canceling the project because of continuing court delays likely to drive the price tag higher. That would threaten the economic viability of the project, they say. Bound up in the cancellation […]