Australia Is On Fire And Aotearoa’s Seas Are Rising. Why Are We Waiting For A Climate Crisis To Listen To Indigenous Knowledge?

by Zoe Madden-Smith / re:news Despite only making up five percent of the population, indigenous people protect 80 percent of the Earth’s biodiversity. But indigenous conservation practices have historically been ignored and undermined by the West, deemed inferior to modern science. More than ever before the Australian bush fires have forced us to accept that […]

Two police officers stand behind a toppled confederate statue.

How to Topple a Statue Using Science

Bring that sucker down without anyone getting hurt. by James Stout / Popular Mechanics It hasn’t been a great past few weeks for statues. From Bristol, England to Birmingham, Alabama, people all over the world have been grappling with the legacy of racism by tossing their grappling hooks around the heads of problematic monuments. Should […]