New Merch Offers!

As some of you may have noticed, the Journal collective has been hard at work coming up with new ways to make this project exciting for you to support. Before the COVID-19 pandemic even impacted us this year, our website had to change to a new URL, and we were unable to sell anything on […]

Earth First! Journal Updates: 40th Anniversary Summer Issue,, and a 20% OFF SALE on Subscriptions and 2019 Magazine Bundles!

Hello everyone! Our website is back up (again) and we are launching a flash sale on our yearly subscriptions and 2019 bundle! You can use code MAYDAY at checkout for a 20% discount now through May Day. We know many of you have probably been having trouble accessing our new site, It has had […]

Regarding Our Spring Fundraiser

Although we won’t be sending out letters or prizes or having as splashy a fundraiser as originally planned, we are still asking for and appreciate anything you can share to keep this small radical media project going.

Call for Submissions: 40th Anniversary!

This year marks the 40th Anniversary of the magazine and we want to celebrate with an extra-long Spring issue and an accompanying CD full of rowdy Earth First! songs and other odes to the wild and to resistance. The submission deadline for the magazine and CD is March 10, and we want to hear from […]

Buy the 2019 Magazine Bundle!

Buy the 2019 Magazine Bundle! This limited-time package includes all four issues of the Earth First! Journal published in 2019—Eostar, Litha, Mabon, and Yule 2019. Catch up on news, updates, and analysis from the radical ecological resistance movement, political prisoner updates, our eco-action group directory, news of direct actions around the world, and much, much […]

Yule/Winter 2019-20 is now available!

Yule/Winter 2019-20: Vol. 39 No. 4 The Yule 2019-20 issue of the Earth First! Journal contains a survey of the uprisings that swept the globe this fall; interviews from two different struggles in Hawaii; and essays on eco-grief and community, the strategic missteps of Extinction Rebellion, and the unsavory history of eugenics in the environmental […]