We are accepting 40th anniversary submissions on a rolling basis!

Submission Guidelines:

The Earth First! Journal is a submission-based magazine—we rely entirely on content from people like you! We are always accepting contributions to the Journal and the Newswire. Would you, or someone you know, be interested in sending us writing, photos, illustrations, or poetry?

  • Articles can be anywhere from half-a-page to 4 pages (300 to 3000 words)
  • Reviews can be up to 500 words.
  • Any correspondence below 300 words may be considered for “Dear Shit fer Brains,” our letters to the editor section, unless it is clearly noted “not for publication.”
  • Articles for the Newswire should include live links, at least one image, and may include a short video. If you’re in an area with an active ecological struggle, ask us about becoming a regular contributor to the Newswire!
  • Images should be at least 300 dpi (pictures for Newswire can be smaller)
  • Submissions for the Journal should be sent in plain text or document format (Open Office Document (.odt) or .doc) with pictures attached separately.
  • It will save us time if you put blank lines between paragraphs instead of indenting, and if you include a title, word count, and contact info at the top of the document.

Send submissions to, with the words “SUBMISSION FOR JOURNAL” or “SUBMISSION FOR NEWSWIRE” in the subject line.

You can also mail submissions to: Earth First! Journal, PO Box 411892, Kansas City MO, 64141.

The typical timeline for submission deadlines is:

February 1 (to be considered for Spring)
May 1 (for Summer)
August 1 (for Fall)
November 1 (for Winter)

However, we have been known to fall behind schedule, so feel free to ask about a specific deadline, and keep an eye on the website for calls for submissions.

If you have any further questions, email