Bank of America ATM’s Glued in Atlanta

from Scenes from the Atlanta Forest On the night of April 25, I glued the ATM’s at the Bank of America in East Atlanta Village. I did this because Bank of America supports the Atlanta Police Foundation. Every single day, ask yourself […]

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A child's painting that reads "Protectors of Life and Earth Unite!" with animals with hearts over their heads, between two trees

A Childhood without Cops

        On February 12th 2023 a group of parents, educators and community members got together at a community garden in Brooklyn, to celebrate for a future without cops for children to grow up in. In solidarity with Highlander preschool and the movement […]

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Philadelphia: Sabotage at Bartrams North

from Scenes from the Atlanta Forest On a warm late winter night we went on a walk to one of our favorite post industrial wildernesses and discovered that it was being assaulted by monsters of steel and rubber. Disgusted, we returned with […]

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