Germany: People Torch Strabag Construction Vehicle in Solidarity with Lutzerath

from Unoffensive Animal

Note: photo not associated with action

The Strabag construction group runs a dirty business: highway and jail construction. In addition, the company cooperates intensively with the energy company RWE on the opencast mines in the Rhenish lignite mining area, also directly near Lützerath. Now we have joined the action campaign against Strabag and continue the fight against the mining of the extremely climate-damaging lignite in a decentralized way! Lützerath is everywhere and wherever we are, our resistance can unfold in many ways!

The small hamlet of Lützerath has made it to worldwide fame after its occupation, although this place had been doomed for a long time. The fight against the eviction and the brutally enforced capital interests of RWE, Strabag and Co. was magnificent, although the destruction of the place could not be prevented. Lützerath is currently the symbol of resistance against the deadly energy policy of the government at the federal level and in NRW (North Rhine-Westphalia). Thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, have made it clear that something has to change fundamentally and that the state and its police do not bring justice, but rather help capital achieve its objectives in the most brutal way.

Lützerath is lost, but the battle can now be fought with renewed fires! In any place!

With our small contribution and very simple means, we see ourselves as part of an alliance with all forms of struggle of the anti-capitalist climate movement. Demonstrations, sit-ins, discussions, attacks, gluing, sabotage, lock-ons, occupations and tunnels – anything that helps in our counterattack for the good of all life!

Much love to all the injured and the prisoners.
translated by Nae Midion

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