Call for Submissions to Beyond the Dark Horizon

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Call for submissions to

– militant @ction in desperate times

Themes : dark green anarchy – art – creative writing !

Asking for contributions of art, critique, thoughts, ideas, rants, poems, reflections, letters, aphorisms, haikus, dreams, imaginings, action reports, analysis, provocations, images, and much more …

Resisting the bio-crisis – climate, extinction, pollution, industrial-capitalism’
What do anarchists and fellow travelers think? In a time of environmental and social destruction and one of despair how do we fight back?

Send us;
# poems, rants, letters, collage, sketches, reflections, stories, non-academic writing. submissions 1500 words (ideally shorter) or send your images. Please see previous issues as inspiration at

‘We cannot be certain if we have reached the end of times yet. What is certain is that we live in the time of the end, permanently. Certain is that the world in which we live is uncertain.’

Potential topics we would be interested in receiving submissions on

land back
Indigenous struggle
Bendigo street squats
Queer struggles
Campaign reflections
Abolitionism in practice
Class struggle and ecological struggle
Resisting anti protest laws, the state and capital, the colony
Anarchist struggle and the critique of technology

Submissions by 25 January to

We are for creative responses, non-academic in tone, 1500 words and preferably less.

For the earth
Btdh collective.

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