Four Arrested in Chile for Meat Truck Arson

from Animal Liberation Press Office

On the 18th of September the world woke up to the news that Grupo de Respuesta Animal had struck again in Chile, this time against a meat packaging facility that had been set alight.  Now Chilean police have made four arrests in relation to that arson; the arrested were Nicolás Meléndez Mac-Kenney, Itamar Díaz Castro, Diego Rivas Moraga and Rodolfo Olivares Maulén.

Today, the four comrades faced a judge, who has sent them to prison without possibility of bail whilst the cops investigate the case. They have not been charged and the filth could very easily be making up the evidence they’ve used to convince the judge to lock them up, but their case will be up for review in 70 days and until then they will remain behind bars.

Comrades in Chile have started to organize and donations as well as addresses for letter writing will be made public soon.


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