ALF Action Around the World, New Fur Farm Intelligence in USA

The ALF shut down another hen farm in Mexico, and then burnt it to the ground.

In Spain, a battery hen farm was raided and 22 hens liberated.
Finally, US fur farm intelligence has been updated. Click on the above link for more info on a fur farm near you!
In Hawaii, traps were removed from a forest and then destroyed, and in Mexico an abused rabbit was liberated from a cage. Every liberation is a meaningful liberation. According to the communique, “The rabbit is now living free in a field on the outskirts of our city. We want to send a fraternal greeting to our comrade Braulio Arturo Duran Gonzales, VEGAN STRAIGHT EDGE comrade imprisoned by the Mexican state, accused of setting fire to ATM machines in the HSBC bank branch in the city of Leon…. a fallen brother is a brother who will be remembered with each rescued animal, with each fire set or explosion triggered; likewise, we will continue with our strategy of direct action in this city, because the freedom of animals is not achieved by asking permission; go in and open the cages!”

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