Save the Wacissa River and Springs from Nestle Water

by WACISSA River on Tuesday, October 12, 2010
All of our suspicions have now been confirmed as true. Last week a couple citizens from Wacissa and a couple of county officials met with Nestle Water. Nestle is currently in the application stages with the Suwannee River Water Management District (SRWMD) to pump water from the springs that feed the Wacissa River. They have been drilling test wells since the closing of Malloy’s Landing Road and are currently monitoring flow volumes. I urge each of you to do a little research on Nestle and you will find the prey on small communities such as ours, deliver all sorts of promises that they conveniently will not put in writing and then of course never make good on them. Nestle is a large corporation that is in this for the money. They do not care about the better good of our community. It is understood that they have pretty much depleted the spring they are pumping from in Madison and if they can not fulfill their quota of 1.6M gallons a day they will have to close the Madison Plant. Nestle’s intention is to pump 70 trucks a day from the springs. Each truck holds 6,500 gallons this is 455,000 gallons “A DAY”. Further the way they seek to permit this with the SRWMD by including with their existing permit it could potentially be 1,600,000 gallons “A DAY”. We urge everyone you know to contact the SRWMD. This is no longer just a county issue, this effects anyone and everyone statewide that enjoys the river and all citizens in the area. Below is a list of e-mails and phone numbers. Also below are discussion points as to why we should object to this. List these items in your e-mail. Senator Charlie Deans office would also like to be copied on all correspondence to the SRWMD, his e-mail
is also below. Or Call: Suwannee River Water Management District, Steve Minnis, Governmental Affairs Director – T/P No.: (800) 226-1066

Suwannee River Water Management District Board Members
David Flagg –
Dr. Linden Davidson –
Don Quincey –
Heath Davis –
Guy Williams –
Jay Fraleigh –
Ray Curtis:
Carl Meece –
Al Alexander
cc Senator Dean at

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  2. Madison County’s springs afre ruined by Nestle. Don’t let this happen to our cherished Wacissa River.
    Keep Nestle out of our water supply.

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  4. i have taken pictures of the wild life on the Wacissa river for about 15 years. there is tons of wild life on that river. i haven’t heard no one talk about what happens to the natural habitat for the animals that depend on that river for their very life. if i take a lily out of that river and get caught by a game warden i could be charged with destroying wetlands. how can this company come in and destroy the whole river, i don’t understand how anyone can give any company the rights to destroy any river. i was born and raised on the Suwannee. it is so polluted , with all the septic tanks, industry pollution etc, etc. the wacissa river is Prestine. i’m no expert, but i wouldn’t think there are tons of those kinds of rivers left on our planet. the picture that you look at at the beginning of the website for save the wacissa doesn’t show you the beauty of that river. just from the animals point of view, how can the Humane society, as an animal activist, animal protector, stand by and let nestle or any other company come in and destroy then pull out and leave their mess and death behind? but they obviously do stand by and let companys destroy, and it seems nestle has a record of destroying. our governor should’t stand by and let this kind of thing happen! but apparently he does. it would be a shame for fl. as a whole to let this happen, more importantly for the animals. but if not for them, then for us. as a recreational area it’s great. you could not ask for better. anyway , thats my opinion.
    p.s. not to mention suwannee river water management and the fl. Game and Freshwater Fish comission. SHOULD NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO THE WACISSA RIVER!!

  5. I was born and raised in wacissa we have fished and hunted on this river. We dont want our river and wells around wacissa to go dry nestle needs to back off the river is almost dry now, you can walk across the boat ramp and not get your feet wet as it is. so why would anyone want to pull more water out for the love of money. it is not worth the lost that the people will have.the family that has brought this on our little town need to open there eyes but they cant see pass the dollar sign.

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