Oil Pipeline Explosion, 14 arrested in KC Nuclear Power Protest, Florida Action Against Scripps

Against Nuclear
75 protesters blocked the entrance of a construction site where a new nuclear power plant is being built to replace an old nuclear facility, which became notorious for ignoring safety violations and contamination. Protesters came from 12 states to protest the Honeywell site, close to the Missouri border. They planted seeds and sang songs until being issued an order to disperse by police. 14 people refused to leave and were arrested.

Pipeline Explosion
An oil pipeline explosion accident happened in Dalian, North-Eastern China. The fire was put out after approximately 15 hours of burning. The cause of the accident is still under investigation. At least one man has died during clean-up efforts. According to CCTV, about 400,000 gallons of oil was spilled into the Yellow Sea. Five days after the explosion oil had reportedly spread over an area of 430 square kilometers (The BP oil spills at the Gulf of Mexico was over 100 million gallons).

On August 11th anti-vivisection and anti-Scripps activists held a demonstration at the offices Primate Products Inc in Miami, Florida. Over twenty activists gathered at the facility making the connections between Primate Products, Hunting Life Sciences and the new vivisection labs proposed for the Scripps Biotech Phase II project in Palm Beach County (one hour north of the Miami site). The protesters overheard that employees of the primate dealer were tipped off by police about the
protest and left the office early that day.

These demonstrations have been increasing in size and frequency as the time draws nearer for the final permits to allow Scripps Biotech to break ground on the largest vivarium known in the Southeast U.S. To top off this ultimate clash between life and science, the Scripps development also
proposes to clear 700 acres of rare pine flatwoods, home to threatened and endangered species of the Everglades bioregion.

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