14 Detained in Simultaneous Raids throughout Chile!

On Saturday, Chilean police raided four houses simultaneously throughout the capital of Santiago, arresting 14 people suspected of a spate of bombings against banks and businesses. Most of the bombings were carried out in defense of the Earth and animals.

The houses that were raided include squats and radical collective houses:
Okupa La Crota, CSO Sacco y Vanzetti, CSA Jonny Cariqueo, Okupa La Crota.

A partial list of the arrested follows:
Diego González Muños y el de Vinicio Aguilera Mery, Rodolfo Retamales Leiva, Freddy Fuentevilla y Marcelo Villarroel, Felipe Guerra Guajardo, Cristian Cancino Carrasco, Carlos Riveros Luttgue, Camilo Pérez Tamayo, Iván Goldenberg González, Pablo Morales Furiman, Omar Hermosilla Marín Andrea Urzúa Cid

Learn more here:Urgente! Golpe represivo del Estado/Capital: 14 detenidos en allanamientos simultaneos por “caso bombas” [chile]

In other news, The Forest Service is releasing plans for managing off-road vehicles across Arizona and New Mexico, which, if done right, would protect millions of acres of land after decades of mismanagement. But if they fail to focus on protecting wildlife habitat and watersheds from fragmentation and erosion, the long-overdue plans could be profoundly damaging, leaving thousands of miles of unneeded roads on the ground and wreaking havoc on forest ecosystems. (from a press release by the Center for Biological Diversity)

And in Finland, as a response to frightening developments in nuclear energy, the anti-nuclear movement is blocking the roads to the Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant and construction site. On August 28th, 2010 the Olkiluoto Blockade will take place. The action day was first launched by Nuclear Free Finland, Women for Peace, Action Group for a Nuclear Free Åland, Friends of the Earth Finland and Women against Nuclear Power. By now, 24 groups in have endorsed the action and this number grows daily. Join the blockade today!

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