Michigan Heats Up, Fingerlakes anti-Fracking, Thousands Protest Climate Change

From AAP: “Tens of thousands of protesters – and a few sceptics – have taken to the streets across Australia to urge the major political parties to take action on climate change.”

Debate is raging in Syracuse over a new law that is set to be in the books by August 26. A community forum was scheduled for this Thursday, but has been put off, allegedly due to the huge number of people expected to come lend their opinions. Get ready for a raucous meeting, whenever it’s scheduled for.

Eagle Rock encampment is back in force.
From savethewildup.org:
“On Sunday, after the walk to Eagle Rock we set up camp on the Yellow Dog Plains. It is a new camp to bring awareness to the world of how Sulfide Mining in the Great Lakes is going to pollute our fish, wildlife, and people. We are going to fish, hunt, and gather on our Ceded Territories of the Anishinaabeg people. We will be learning how to live off the land like our ancestors did before we were moved to reservations. By having this camp we are continuing our presence in opposition of the Kennecott Mine. We will not give up fighting to protect our water. Come join us to help preserve the health and safety of our future.”

All are welcome to camp or visit at the new location: AAA Road 1/2 mile east of the mine entrance on the south side of AAA, there is blue flagging tape on the tree. This is private land owned by the Rydholm family, much of it older growth with ample shade and protection. The camp maintains a spirit of nonviolence and sobriety. Donations of food and supplies are welcome.”

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