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Old Forests Are Worth More Standing

[EF! Newswire Editor’s Note: By using the link below, you can send a personalized letter to some bureaucrats about protecting mature forests and send a few tweets around about it… Then you should go out and build a treesit in every 80+ […]

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Hopi File New Lawsuit Against Snowbowl

By CYNDY COLE   The Hopi Tribe filed suit Wednesday in federal court in the District of Columbia, seeking an injunction to block snowmaking with reclaimed wastewater at Arizona Snowbowl this winter because of a threatened plant. The case has been assigned […]

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Fracking and Radioactivity

by KARL GROSSMAN / Fracking for gas not only uses toxic chemicals that can contaminate drinking and groundwater—it also releases substantial quantities of radioactive poison from the ground that will remain hot and deadly for thousands of years. Issuing a report […]

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