Earth First! goes Viral? Isn’t there an ointment for that?

Interest in Earth First! News appears to be riding a line exactly opposite to the global capitalist economy…interesting…

Dearest Earth First! Newswire reader,

In September, the Earth First! Newswire–which is only 2 years old–reached over a half a million views! And we’re pretty damned happy to get all these wild and inspiring news items–from the blockades against the Keystone XL pipeline in Texas to fracking rig occupations in the Northeast, and the victorious conclusion of a near decade long tree-sit to protect old-growth in Humboldt, Calif.–spread far and wide.

And we don’t sugar coat. When an underground cell bombs a nanotech lab in Mexico, when activists are murdered in Brazil, when the Sierra Club tries to sign you up for a Bank of America credit card, or when Obama pretends to be “green” while standing next to a bio-fuel powered tank, we’ll let you know.

This newswire is a labor of love. The moderators and writers and editors involved don’t receive a penny. Through this online presence we hope to draw people towards the offline presence of the Earth First! Movement and to real-life action, face-to-face with comrades and bulldozers and forests and corporations and our Earth’s dwindling biodiversity.

So thanks for reading, now get your ass out there and tear down this fucking machine!

Or, if that just isn’t an option, throw us a few bucks (or 5 grand) and we’ll keep inspiring those who can. We’ll share their story with you.

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