Earth First! Journal Updates: 40th Anniversary Summer Issue,, and a 20% OFF SALE on Subscriptions and 2019 Magazine Bundles!

Hello everyone!

Our website is back up (again) and we are launching a flash sale on our yearly subscriptions and 2019 bundle! You can use code MAYDAY at checkout for a 20% discount now through May Day.

We know many of you have probably been having trouble accessing our new site, It has had its fair share of glitches since it went live, but we are figuring out how to wrangle technology and now you can once again buy merch, peruse the Newswire, etc. Please know we appreciated your patience while we hit the computer with rocks for the past few months and just hoped for the best.

We also want to make sure everyone knows that our deadline for the 40th Anniversary Summer 2020 issue is May 1. Of course, we could probably be flattered into giving you an extended deadline if you have something really sick in the works, given the state of the world. But don’t push it, OK? Editing biocentric ramblings is all that’s keeping some of us tethered to reality. Please submit your retrospectives, critiques, love letters, art, poetry, reportbacks, etc.

Lastly, despite this global pandemic, we still exist and unfortunately we still need money! We know people have lots of other financial considerations right now but if you have any money to spare, you can donate here or send us cash, check, or a money order to Earth First! Journal, PO Box 1112, Grants Pass, OR, 97526. We will make sure your generous donations go towards further agitating for a future where we again have protests that aren’t based entirely around ones desire to get a haircut at the expense of others lives.

For the Wild!
EF!J Collective

P.S. Although we skipped the Spring 2020 issue, rest assured that all current subscriptions have been extended so that you will still receive four issues!

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  1. I recently bought a shirt and renewed a long dormant membership. I got the tshirt and it is pretty awesome, thanks. However, there was nothing else with it. I was expecting to get the spring edition too.
    Can you please tell me when the spring newsletter will be mailed out?

    • Hey Steven,
      Thanks for supporting the Journal! Unfortunately we had to push back our next magazine release and skip the spring issue to make the special 40th Anniversary edition happen for the summer release (which you will get along with 3 more issues after that for a one-year subscription). We only mail our newsletters to incarcerated subscribers, but it can be viewed, downloaded, and/or printed from Earth First! Newsletter. Hope this clears things up, let us know if you have any further questions.
      For the wild!
      Raven, EF!J collective

      • Hi Raven,

        Sorry but that wasn’t very clear when I ordered my subscription. I prefer to not have to be online all the time and it is unfortunately unlikely that I will keep up with these editions if I have to login in somewhere in order to read them and get updates.
        If you won’t send me a hard copy of the newsletter I think I would rather have my subscription fee back.
        You are absolutely welcome to contact me and discuss this but I don’t want to have to download it then try to find some place I can print it.

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