Snitch Suzie Savoie Swarmed and Deplatformed in Southern Oregon

sent to Earth First! Newswire

On Sunday, April 16, 2023, a group of bee loving environmentalists successfully deplatformed an event that was being led by Green Scare snitch and cooperating defendant Suzanne Savoie. Despite snitching on her ex-comrades in 2006, Savoie continues to worm her way into environmental activist spaces.
Yes, it’s been a longtime but Suzie we have not forgotten! You are an enemy to butterflies, ants and all critters who love the earth.
Suzie was scheduled to give a talk in the Southern Oregon town of Talent about pollinator gardens with her business Klamath-Siskiyou Native Seeds. But Suzie, as an unrepentant snitch and enemy to the environmental movement, is no friend of the bees! Prior to the event, the scene was buzzing with excitement as friendly faces swarmed the location and hung a banner featuring a cute image of The Vengeful, Vengeful Caterpillar announcing “Snitch Suzie NOT Welcome!” At this point, Suzie’s team called the cops — of course! Once a snitch, still a snitch.
As event attendees arrived along with half a dozen police officers, environmentalists fluttered around distributing flyers about Suzie. Some intrepid pollinators were even able to infiltrate and disrupt the event by reading court documents from Suzie’s sentencing about her “extraordinary cooperation” with the state.
Suzie’s talk was scheduled for 1-3PM but she simply could not continue amidst the buzzing, humming and shouting. The event ended over an hour early when a tearful Suzie was escorted to her gray Toyota Tacoma with Oregon license plate 216KPY by multiple police officers. Suzie’s head was hung low… but did she notice that a mischievous moth had placed a flyer about her underneath her windshield wiper?
Once someone has cooperated with the federal government, they may be called on to do so again. If we want a world that is safe for bees, lizards, butterflies, and moths, we must say: no platform for snitches!
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  1. You people evidentlt have forgotten that she served a prison sentence, admitted her guilt, and has lived a lawful, cooperative life since then. Also, EVERY defendant was required to cooperate. And—get this—one of the most culpable, who was on the run for 20 years, ALSO cooperated—THIS YEAR, as the judges pointed out—and he got less time than she did. So shut up and do something positive.

    • 1. Living a “lawful life” doesn’t make someone a good person. In fact, it’s usually the opposite. 2. On what planet is EVERY defendant required to cooperate. Plenty of people don’t cooperate. 3. Someone else snitching isn’t an excuse for her snitching. Stop sticking up for snitches.

      • Sorry, but I have to disagree this time around. I believe as a community, we should not turn against those less committed to the cause in times of struggle. Though I would never snitch on an ally myself, you must understand the amount of stress and trauma that could be caused by threats from the state, in which Suzie could have become a political prisoner for most of her life. We will never recieve support from the masses if we single out those who are less extreme and don’t want to break the law. You and the protestors here should practice forgiveness and understanding to foster stronger support for monkey wrenching as a political and social tool. It is not a good look to attack a former supporter even under these circumstances, although to you it may be the most righteous thing to do, to most people it makes us seem like “terrorists” that hide out in the woods and will destroy anyone that disagrees with them. Anarchism will forever stay a minority unless we spread other non-violent venues of protest, social insurrection, and community involvement. Too often do anarchists turn to street battles and property destruction as the most efficient way of solving the worlds problems

      • I was snitched on by one Mark Austen and he received $50,000.00 dollars for doing it. Google Stephen Plato McRae to see the deatails. I spent 6 long years in a violent federal prison for “destruction of an energy facility” and was threatened with a “terrorism enhancement” if I did not plead guilty to 96 months. Why is Mark austen of escalante Utah not deplatformed!?

    • Living, “a lawful, cooperative life,” is not a good thing, the government and its armed constituents will suppress and jail anyone who has the heart to take action against wage slavery, the destruction of the environment, and the mass killing of sentient beings on a daily basis, among other problems. The free market system of this country has led to a coalition of extremely powerful multinationals that directly influence the electoral and legal process with their accumulated wealth, they have prevented most progressive legislation from taking place and in turn invoke shady back door dealings with politicians to churn out corner-cutting dangerous projects such as the permitted fragmentation of natural areas, cutting of wages for workers, irresponsible storage of toxic waste, rampant synthetic chemical production, among other thing. Many of these industries in their entirety are directly opposed to human health and ecological safety, of which are the most powerful, i.e, mining, fracking, agricultural, and other sectors. Any political leaders that oppose evil business groups are threatened with corporate boycotts, blockage of campaign funds, and thus power over the people, which is why they stay silent amid allegations against illegal business practices in their own city/state/country, or even actively cooperate with such businesses. Action against such awful corporations is also suppressed via the legal system, where overstretched draconian sentences are handed for simple violations. I.e, ag gag laws giving out felonies for simply recording in factory slaughterhouses, aggressive blacklisting of union members opposing unfair wages and hazardous working conditions, and the criminalization of recording police routine police stops and conducts. The reason for such strict bureaucratic redlining is due to the sheer violence of such civil violations committed by businesses, police departments, and political parties on a regular basis, and once the truth is to get out it would ruin their images. No, not everything radicals do is productive or good, but for the most part the real criminals are the multi-millionaires that want to keep us all in pits of poverty and disunity

    • “You People” was a phrase used by racists in NYC and Washington DC for years.
      Used to describe african -americans and others. Used against them.
      Not a good look, your mama.

  2. Personally I’m old school…and the best way to deal with a rat/ snitch/P.O.S. Is to make sure they never get a chance to do it again. There are simply too many oxygen thief’s that will continue ratting, cooperating with the enemy unless they are stopped… well you might be reading the next post from behind bars. Direct Action,No Compromise!

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