Calling All to the Forest: The Time is Now! [Atlanta]

from Enough 14

Atlanta. Georgia. On April 21st, forest defenders overheard workers state that forest destruction and eviction is expected to begin on May 3.

This is a CALL-TO-ACTION for eco-warriors worldwide to come help defend the forest from any further police intrusion and destruction! The kkkops would train here to militarize against those resisting all systems of oppression; in the name of abolition we must take action!

We have over 500 acres to defend between fighting off the police and staving off Hollywood from clear-cutting the forest for their bullshit movies.
If you come to make a stand against the long arm of the law, know that autonomous action is encouraged!
Go feral! Build pirate ships! Dance with us! Don’t bring your hierarchical shit here. Leave your clocks.
Bring your art and your fury! Let’s supplant the slimy fingers of the police and oppressive systems they make possible.

If you are interested in throwing down and joining our funky feral brigade, hit us up on the riseup at:

See you in the Forest!
With Love and Rage,
Camp Deadnettle

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