Banks Sabotaged in Bay Area and Portland in Solidarity with Atlanta Forest Defenders

from Anarchist Federation


Bay Area ATMs Sabotaged in Solidarity with Atlanta Forest Defenders

Two bank ATMs were vandalized and put out of commission in San Francisco in solidarity with land defenders in the Atlanta Forest and across occupied land. You can do it too!

The week of so-called “Earth Day”, autonomous hooligans super-glued the card readers at two SF banks. This echoes anti-bank and anti-civ actions across other occupied territories (see Philly, Quebec and Chile) in strikes against capital and those funding the destruction of human and nonhuman animals alike.

ATMs are a visible face of banks. Many “oppressed” people like us might get inconvenienced when their neighborhood ATM doesn’t work, but we aren’t the parasites demanding rent or cash for food. This sabotage breaks normal bank “consumer” operations and that’s fantastic. Card readers at corporate or leasing offices, bank ATMs, fuck it–even gas stations are all vulnerable. Smash a window too! The fires we light burn hot, and even tho we might get burned, blessed is the flame.

Shit on a Tesla!

Fuck Bay Area business-as-usual!

Til society is ash!

~ The Sticky Vandals


  • Gift cards and non-corrogated cardboard have worked equally well in our experience.
  • Steal all your supplies (obviously) in a way that doesn’t leave fingerprints, and wipe down any supplies/cards with rubbing alcohol.
  • Cover your face and any identifiable features (hair, face, tatts, piercings), wear cotton gloves and clothes not linked to you that you can then trash (not in your hood), but dress to blend into the area and choose a time when there’s still people about who might use ATMs.
  • Read up on digital security and use encrypted messaging and Tor.

From: Indybay

Note: Photo is not associated with action.


Portland Bank of America Attacked in Solidarity with Atlanta Forest defenders

“Portland, Oregon”, Earth Night:

The doors,windows and ATMs of Bank of America financial center were broken and the building was painted with messages against the destruction of Atlanta forest.
Bank of America was attacked because of its funding of the Atlanta Police Foundation and the cop city project attempting to replace the forest with police infrastructure.
Fuck cops
Fuck banks
From the west coast, solidarity with those defending the forest.

Plan, prepare, attack!
Carpe noctem friends

-Received anonymously over email

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