Defend the Barricades; Calling Feral Anarchists to Atlanta Forest!

“No Forest? No Peace! Truck the Police!”, reads a banner hanging from a skypod attached to an overturned truck blocking the ONLY  Bridge crossing the little creek between  the police construction staging ground and the main part of the forest which they intend to destroy.
This is a CALL-TO-ACTION for eco-warriors worldwide to come help defend the forest from any further police intrusion and destruction! The kkkops would train here to militarize against those resisting all systems of oppression; in the name of abolition we must take action!
We need ingenious comrades to help person and support the skypod (the “Truck Stop”), as well as help maintain the TEN existing barricades around the Camp Deadnettle areas (& forge new ones!)
Deadnettle is a virulent plant that grows in disturbed soil, in this it is akin to our rag-tag crew of rowdy comrades who gather in places of disruption to stand against the machines.
This is OUR forest and will NEVER become the mock kkkop training city they intend it to be!
We have over 500 acres to defend between fighting off the police and staving off Hollywood from clear-cutting the forest for their bullshit movies.
If you come to make a stand against the long arm of the law, know that autonomous action is encouraged!
Go feral! Build pirate ships! Dance with us! Don’t bring your hierarchical shit here. Leave your clocks.
Bring your art and your fury! Let’s supplant the slimy fingers of the police and oppressive systems they make possible.
The main gate police and earth destroying machinery use to enter the forest has been barricaded shut– help us keep it that way!
If you are interested in throwing down and joining our funky feral brigade, hit us up on the riseup at:
See you in the Forest!
With Love and Rage,
-Camp Deadnettle-
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  1. Im speachless thet sum1 cares enuff 2 take a legal let slone an illegsl stand for anything, what a great way to spend a vacation playin hide and seek in the forest for real. To actually have a purpose to.mean something to something for yourself and not have an agenda even maybe.
    Oh the theres hope still for the young ones just when we thought it was over war breaks out not only in the Ukraine but in our own backyard,bless thems thet are dirty an fight clean of mind an do take action seriously even if you turn corporate wallstreet tomorrow you can live for 1 day free befor thet day.
    Run jump an hide in burrows 2 constrained for a prisoner but more then enuff for the badger be free one more day be alive 1 more night to howl and be free the cost is only your freedom that you will value more from the experience of doing this one thing 1 time for love of the wild..truly.xtp

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