The Return of the War in the Woods?

by BC Blackout
The following was received anonymously:
March 17, 2021 — From deep in the coastal rainforest, to the streets of the colonial capital of so-called British Columbia, to the front page of the Globe & Mail, something is stirring.
After more than 7 months of continuous blockades defending old growth forest on Pacheedaht Territory near Port Renfrew on so-called Vancouver Island, logging company Teal Jones is applying for an injunction to clear the blockades from its operations in Tree Farm License 46.
While the injunction could be granted as soon as March 26, the groundswell of support these grassroots actions are receiving could make this a protracted and ultimately successful struggle.
A thousand people have already been to the frontlines since the first blockade camp was established in August 2020, and hundreds came to a demo at the provincial court in Victoria on March 4, helping to delay the injunction application hearing by 3 weeks.
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