CALL TO ACTION: Stop the Keystone XL ASAP!

Friends, comrades, and allies:

In the heartland of Texas, camped in the backwoods among armadillos and water moccasins and deeply rooted small farmers and ranchers, we at Tar Sands Blockade are engaged in what may be the largest direct action battle of our time. We are mobile, skilled and powerful, and though we number in the dozens, the magnitude of what we face demands a call to action.

As many of you know, Tar Sands mining is the most ecologically destructive project on planet Earth, and the Keystone XL pipeline is a major piece of infrastructure that will allow for greater Tar Sands extraction and profit. The pipeline is proposed through over 2100 miles of farmland, forest and prairie in eight states and provinces and likely oil spills from this threaten much of North America’s water table including the massive Ogllala aquifer. For more on the issue visit

TransCanada is a multi-billion dollar multinational corporation with the government on their side. They have a history of leakages from their pipelines. We are aligned against this enemy in an unlikely coalition of allies: local residents fighting eminent-domain land seizures, forest defense veterans, conservatives concerned about corporate/government intrusion on family lands, liberals concerned about climate change, and radical blockaders directly doing battle with the behemoth.

Our adversary is everywhere. They are building this pipeline as we speak, in many different places at once. Clearing crews are mowing down swaths of trees, some over a century old, and tearing up farmland right next to people’s homes and water sources. It’s a massive project but we still anticipate stopping them at some key points that can ideally shut down the entire operation. We can’t fight them everywhere but are trying our damnedest, and need a lot of help.

We are utilizing a true diversity of tactics in this fight, including community cookouts, lockdowns, public rallies, meme warfare, arboreal dwellings, roving bands of mischief-makers, and more.

We need all skill sets, including: videographers and media specialists, medics, chefs, vehicle mechanics, tree-sitters and riggers, lockdowners, forest scouts, community organizers, welders, carpenters, and badasses of all trades.

The most important thing is to come down here and plug in, but other ways to help include publicizing the Tar Sands Blockade on Facebook, Twitter etc., donating and/or raising funds and supplies including climbing gear, holding teach-ins in your bioregion, organizing solidarity actions against TransCanada and their enablers, and just generally spreading the word to help us increase our numbers as quickly as possible.

We are a small crew of Earth First!ers and eco-anarchists engaged in tactical elements of the larger Tar Sands Blockade campaign. We’re requesting help from you, our comrades, to come join us as quickly as possible. If you have questions or want to discuss this at all, please email

See y’all in the woods!

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