EF! Action Camp in Maine coming up soon…

a well-trained (in some ways) Maine EF!er facing off with the Law

September 28th-30th at the East Sangerville Grange

Those Maine-iacs are planning to prep you on kicking some ass for the wild.

And they’re gonna kick if off with a “Night to Howl!on Friday from 5pm – 10pm. It’ll be an evening of food, entertainment and celebration of the local culture of resistance, with music by: Sid Stutzman, Evergreen and other local musicians.

The following days are dedicated to Direct Action Trainings from 9am-5pm (12-1pm BYO lunch)

This two day long training will provide skillshares on planning and executing effective direct actions, with topics including: legal, media, strategy, facilitation and consensus, selecting a target, and  more!   

Another well-trained Maine EF!er heading up for an aerial picnic during the 2009 Maine EF! Rendezvous

Please bring your own food, kitchen space will be available for use during the day.

ALL EVENTS ARE FREE! Donations are welcome
For more info email maine@earth-first.net

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