Video: Wildass Roadblock and Treesit Shut Down Fracking Rig

May this be the first in a series of fracking rig shut downs and may the next ones last years, till the damn things come down. Occupy the frackers.


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    • I have a question. The information come from Occupy Wall street where your group protest the lack of jobs. However, you go to a well that is producing viable jobs and protest? Make up your mind. Btw, it seems that the group needs more organization and a purpose. Maybe it is time for you all To GET A REAL JOB–we need teachers in America. Try that.

  1. You guys are seriously misinformed and misguided and quite frankly exhibit signs of significant mental deficiency.

    • Yes Greg, you are right…the Earth is not worth saving. Clearly it is you who needs to educated yourself on this issue.

  2. Did you ever stop to think – had it not been for the industrial revolution – you would probably not exist today having the ability to protest. Im not for or against this gas industry. One thing is for sure though is that it (natural gas) will bridge the gap the cleanest way possilbe for the next 50 years until we can feasibly go to a cleaner energy. One better have more credible evidence/information before they disrupt a lot of folks and their famiys bread and butter. Impulsive and uninformed decision making like these idiots in the vidio is for those that are “rebels without a clue”. Try to sit back and look at this objectively – natuaral gas is the way to go in the interim.

    • Dr. Jim,
      Did you ever stop to consider that there is no evidence that the continued degradation of our one and only planet will lead to a future of any kind? Do you have evidence that the air is becoming cleaner, the water more drinkable, the land more lush and diverse?

      We were not born of the industrial revolution. We owe it nothing; we were born to this planet; we owe the Earth everything. There are religions and philosophies that compel humans to possibilities beyond the facts at hand. And then there are the facts at hand.

      Dr. Jim, what compels you to continue down a path that ensures no future? What is your vision?

    • Dr. Jim….you obviously have little to no information yourself regarding what happens before…during…and after fracking. I live in the middle of all this nonsense and will tell you outright that this INDUSTRIALIZATION of our lands is 100% nasty from day one forward….

    • I love how you call them idiots and then you spell video, “vidio.” Classic.

      I think that it’s YOU who needs to “stop and think” about how dirty and environmentally destructive fracking truly is.

      So if the industrial revolution hadn’t happened, we’d all be dead?? Humans existed long before the I.R. Your point is very weak.

    • Oh, please! To spew that insanity that “natural gas is cleaner and a bridge to the future” proves that you have not done your homework and are merely mouthing industry talking points. Natural gas extraction by the process known as “Fracking” is at least as dirty and probably dirtier than coal. Considering the amount of methane, a more potent greenhouse gas than CO2, release during the process alone proves this and doesn’t even take into consideration the diesel fumes spewed by all the equipment necessary to harvest the gas. Better watch who you are calling idiots… Seems to me that you are the idiot for spewing industry rhetoric!

    • You mention “until we can feasibly go to a cleaner energy” ??? We HAVE a cleaner energy … WIND … The trouble with WIND TURBINES here in PA … that energy is being routed elsewhere. You appear to be educated … don’t close that environmental chapter in your book yet …..

    • You are seriously misinformed, Dr. Jim. Shale gas is a bridge to nowhere. When the gas is gone, the money made by a few will mean nothing to the survivors in a poisoned and degraded landbase.

      Thank God for brave and passionate souls who are willing to fight for the land that gives life to all!

    • Dr Jim,
      Did you ever think about the reality of it taking the amount of water that flows over Niagara Falls for 30 days to frack but one well? Did you ever think about the fact this water is destroyed in the process, when it becomes so contaminated with chemicals and methane there is no safe place to store it, when it comes back up?
      Did you ever think that if we keep destroying our water resources, as the matrix of aquifers are connected, and in light of the current heating trend we are faced with, as our farm belt dries out, that we may end up with one huge problem on our hands? As in NO water left to destroy or available to water crops or our food supply?.
      I dare say NO, you have not thought about any of these serious concerns, because you cling to the fairytale that natural gas is somehow clean, no matter the consequences. I know you did not think about it actually because we do not HAVE 50 yrs, We may be lucky if we have 5 to wake up and turn this train around, before we run out of time.

  3. Nonviolent? Denying workers onsite access to emergency response is cruel and sadistic. There are plenty on ways to protest without threatening the lives of innocent people.

  4. The video is awesome! You people are awesome! This is non-violent direct action at its best.

    And we HAVE done our research, the facts are out there (not to mention plenty of video of people lighting their drinking water on fire). See the documentary “Gaslands,” and that’s just one example.

    • Unfortunately, anyone who uses Gasland as a source has already proved to me that they don’t know what they are talking about. Gasland was utter nonsense. Water well methane has always been an issue and is completely unrelated to fracturing. COMPLETELY.

      • JWB, I don’t know if you live near a fracking site but you may need to get out and meet your neighbors. The point of fracking is to drive the methane up, which would increase any naturally occurring methane to extremely toxic levels. Your argument is stupid. In essence you are saying that some wells have methane intrusion so fracking induced methane intrusion is justified. JWB, I don’t know where you were raised but I’m sorry you are have given up life and that you’d justify the poisoning of your water supply (probably because you are an office slave for the profiting company?). Go out there and get wild and free would ya, stop being the excuse boy of the profiteers that are destroying our water. Get a monkeywrench and break your computer then turn your bosses car into a battering ram and crush his office. You know it’d be more fun than trolling the internet to rep the gas industry. Its just plain sad that a human being could be turned into a public relations slave for polluters that are taking our freedom to water away.

  5. Thank you so much for standing up against fracking. We have no clue what kinds of long-term effects will come from hydrofracturing, but we do know that even in the short-term it is doing damage. I have a friend who worked on a fracking operation and got increasingly more sick every day during the job. He finally left when his hair started falling out in chunks. And let us not forget the victims in Wyoming.

    Does anyone know how long it was shut down? Is this fracking project operational now, since the protesters have left?

  6. What gets me the most about this is if they are worried about the fracking end of it why go to a drilling rig and try to shut down operations. I am a driller here in the Appalachian division and we do everything possible to run a clean and safe operation. These people can try to do everything in there power to shut down the Marcellus production but I assure you it will not happen. This is a money making business and I’m certain local polo ricin get kick backs to keep the drilling going. You people need to look at the good in it. We have boosted the economy up here in PA, the unemployment rate has decline significantly. We have families to feed to bills to pay jut like any normal person does so we are goo g to be up here until the last drop of oil and gas is pumped out of the ground. So the rigs will keep turnin to the right and making hole it’s going to take a lot more than a few tree jiggers to stop us.

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