Mom’s Sure Fire Recipes for Sabotage: A One Act Play

Daughter: Hey mom, what can I do now to insure that I can get into venture capitalism when I grow up?

Mom: Honey, why would you want to do something that will only alienate the human spirit and lead to the destruction of all things wild? Its evil, and well, its also down right boring. Maybe you should think about becoming an insurgent.

Daughter: Ok mom, well how can I stop the earth brutalizing industrial machine when I grow up then?

Mom: Well, you can download Eco-defense: a Field Guide to Monkeywrenching as well as the Black Cat Sabotage Book. Its probably best if you download them from a public computer not monitored by cameras. There’s lots of neat stuff there. Listen, you didn’t hear it from me but there are some pretty good recipes for stopping this entire fucking genocidal and ecocidal system before it kills us all. 

But before that its really important that you take into consideration that you live in a nation that hosts the highest rate of incarceration and a high level of techo-surveillance 1984-type-shit. You should download Security Culture: a handbook for activists. It will help keep you safer in the fight ahead.

Daughter: Great, when I grow up I’m going to help bring down the prison system, border walls and smash the machinery used to destroy the wild. You’re the best mom!

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  1. Mom says no to venture capitalism, yes to eco-insurgency!
    Green and red flag? Meet black flag! You will be marching together now.

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