Fact Check: Europe Says Goodbye to GM

About a week ago, we published a report based on a story by the Daily Mail that had been spreading around the internet about Monsanto pulling out of the UK. It turned out that the story had been recycled from 2003, and was not an account of current events. After some truth digging and coffee drinking, we’ve found the story beneath the story.

According to Gaia-Health:

On January 18, BASF announced that they’re moving development and marketing of genetically modified (GM) crops from Europe to the United States and South America. Stefan Marcinowski, a member of BASF’s executive board, described the reason this way: [T]here is still a lack of acceptance for this technology in many parts of Europe—from the majority of consumers, farmers and politicians. Therefore, it does not make business sense to continue investing in products exclusively for cultivation in this market.”

Anyone who follows EU politics with regard to genetically modified crops and alternative health issues, not to mention virtually anything associated with business interests, is aware that the EU is not particularly interested in what the citizens want. The EU’s constitution enshrines the concept of corporate personhood. In effect, the entire purpose of the EU is to support corporate interests. After all, it started out as the European Economic Community. It is, therefore, [it is only in] terms of economics that we can see why Monsanto and BASF are pulling out of Europe…

The climate and amount of agricultural land in China and the US are generally far superior to Europe’s… GM foods will show up on supermarket shelves [in Europe]. It will happen quietly. While savoring an apparent victory, the people will begin eating GM poison. It won’t be labeled as GM. It won’t be labeled as imported. It won’t matter if individual nations in the EU have laws banning GM crops and products… The EU will go along with the importation of food without country of origin or genetically modified labels. They agreed to it when they signed the treaties.

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