How Sierra Club Learned To Stop Worrying About The 99% And Love Wall Street

No, the story is not about Sierra's sketchy Clorox deal, but the image seemed appropriate. 99% natural?!?

Check out “Big Greenwashing 101” a new feature article from the EF! Newswire on the Sierra Club’s shady affiliations in light of recently revealed Chesapeake Energy gas company scandal.

From the article:  “John Muir must be rolling over in his grave… The organization he founded in 1892, the Sierra Club, America’s oldest and largest environmental group, have been in cahoots with the worst of the worst corporations in recent years. They’ve been paid tens of millions of dollars by the fossil fuel industry, tyrannical billionaire mayors and Wall Street in exchange for cleaning (and greening) up their public images.  Not only have they acted as a green public relations firm for the bastions of wealth and power, but have also sold out frontline communities most impacted by extractive industry…”    Read the full article here

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  1. Rest assured, when the members of the Sierra Club found out about this deal, we immediately swung into action and rectify it. We were furious and took the steps to ensure this will never happen again.

    • I hope that’s true. Can you explain how? (Not being snarky; I’d just like to know. I’ve donated to the Sierra Club and was a member of the local chapter in college … .)

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  3. Explain to me how an orginization can get funding when the U.S. is struggling with an economy that is going to effect the great, great, great grandchildren of this country. The U.S. wants to fund wars and third world countries before it wants to strengthen our economy and support our nonprofit organizations such as conservation and wildlife along with the other numerous nonprofit areas. The only corporations that can assist in the funding that is needed, are those that people are upset with. When you have corporations funding you, there is more of a chance to sit down with them one on one and present a reasonable explanation why certain things can’t exist. Most people can be reasoned with if they feel that they are not being attacked. Sierra Club is not the only ones asking for funding or accepting pricey adds to support the information. If you want to spend your time in the spotlight look around you before climbing up on your soap box.

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