2012 Earth First! Organizer’s Conference and Winter Rendezvous: February 16-20, Monroe, UT

Canyons of wind-carved rocks filled with ancient voices call to earth warriors to gather for the 2012 Earth First! Organizers Conference and Winter Rendezvous. Come explore Utah’s wild raw beauty that is under constant threat from the ever-hungry beast of progress! Join us for early Spring in the desert, the breath between the departure of the snow and the blooming of the flowers to soak your bones in the ancient waters of Mystic Hot Springs. In the quiet between winter and spring we honor our past, examine the present, and create a vision for a wild and free future.

 The OC will kickoff with the Night to Howl featuring Earth First!’s own Warrior Poets. The Organizers Conference, Thursday thru Saturday afternoon, is a meeting of earth warriors to strategize on how we most effectively create a world where the Earth comes First! Then Saturday night, after three days of meetings, it’s time to stretch and play at the Winter Rondy. It kicks off Saturday with fire and music (yes, that means you should bring your inspiration and instruments!) with Sunday and Monday filled with workshops, action planning, and … well, you know what comes after action planning.

Mystic Hot Springs site

A few notes on the site: Mystic Hot Springs is welcoming Earth First! with minimal compensation that includes work trade. For those of you who want to do something besides sit in meetings and go to workshops there will be a need for folks to care for the place we gather. If you are interested in being part of the work trade crew contact Stan at permipreacher@gmail.com or volunteer on site. Also, everyone should bring a little extra cash to further support our host in his efforts to care for this magical site.

Monroe, UT is a small, fairly conservative community that we should be mindful of. Please treat those you encounter with respect. Always remember, regardless of what you may think of their politics or beliefs, we are guests in their home. It will be in the low 20’s to 30’s at night and 40’s-60’s during the day. Dress appropriately and bring good bedding. A pad and/or ground cloth is essential. For those in need there are a few rustic indoor sleeping places. Please contact us if you would like one of these and, if possible, be prepared to give a little extra for indoor digs.

The website for the place hosting the OC is: mystichotsprings.com

For questions and other communication email: skillstour@gmail.com

And if you are not email/computer friendly (aka luddite) and need information call: (406) 721-8427.

Mystic Hot Springs site

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  1. i hope the organizers really know what they’re getting into, and that it won’t damage their relationship with the property owner and community. we’re a wild bunch, is all. that’s why we’re usually way off in the woods, off the beaten path, in National Forest.

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