Two Arrested For Attempted Break-In at Iowa Fur Farm

Two arrested attempting to break into a Sioux City, Iowa, mink and fox farm

Updated 12:20pm with jail address to send letters of support

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Little information is available, but local media is reporting two “animal activists” have been arrested at a fur farm in Sioux City, Iowa. The arrests were made October 10th, just three days after 1,200 mink were released from the Palmer Erickson fur farm in Jewell, Iowa, approximately 3 hours away.

Arrested were Kellie Marshall, 29, and Victor Vandoren, 24, both of Austin, Texas.

Police captured the pair after they allegedly cut into a fence and “tried to free some of the animals” at the fur farm. Police used a K-9 dog and discovered the two dressed in black. They were charged with 2nd Degree Criminal Mischief, Attempted Burglary and Possession of Burglary Tools.

Although the media has not yet named the farm, I know from personal experience the farm in question is the Circle K Fur Farm. I was charged for the release of 5,000 mink and 100 fox from the same farm in 1998. These are the details of the farm, from The Blueprint fur farm list:

Circle K Fur Farm
3701 Memorial Drive
Sioux City, IA 51104
Phone: (712) 252-2202
Owner: Steven Krage
Status: Confirmed open, 2009.
Species: Mink & fox.
Notes: Approximately 5,000 mink & 100 fox.

Strangely, the arrests of October 10th have received very little attention in the media (as of this writing), and the event somehow escaped mention in the media entirely until a full three days after the incident.

Letters of support

Letters of support and donation for their commissary fund can be sent to:

Kellie Marshall / Victor Vandoren
Woodbury County Jail
PO Box 3083
Sioux City, Iowa 51102

Letters must have a return address. Please write them letters of support today, and let them know the outside world knows they are in jail and are supported.

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  1. victor’s last name is actually vanorden and his inmate # is 31090. kellie’s is 31089. please include these on the envelope and if you are sending money orders they also need their name and inmate #s. thanks for everyone’s support!!

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