SHAC chalks up another victory over vivisectors with Softcat contract cancellation

In a message this week from the global animal liberation campaign to Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC):

“Last Friday, we sent out an email alert regarding information that had been leaked to us about 20 suppliers in the UK and the US. On Monday, 10th October one of the companies, Softcat Limited contacted the campaign. After further emails and phone calls, Softcat have now given SHAC a statement to say that they have stopped all contact with HLS and will not deal with HLS in the future.

We thank Softcat for making the right choice and thank everyone who contacted Softcat to ask then not to deal with HLS.

Softcat’s statement can be seen, here.

Please continue to politely contact the other companies listed at and ask them to follow Softcat’s example… Until all are free”

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