“Green is the new Rage”: Walter Bond set for sentancing in Utah on ALF actions

From SupportWalter.org: Walter Bond is an imprisoned Animal Liberation Front (ALF) activist who in the Summer of 2010 was arrested for the “ALF Lonewolf” arsons of the Sheepskin Factory in Denver, Colorado, the Tandy Leather Factory in Salt Lake City, Utah and the Tiburon Restaurant in Sandy, Utah which sold Foie Gras.

Walter’s experience as a 19 year old slaughterhouse construction worker propelled him into a life focused on ending our culture’s enslavement and exploitation of animals and the natural world. As a prisoner of war, Walter continues to influence and motivate other activists via his essays and statements.

Walter Bond Animal Liberation Front Lone Wolf  Walter Bond will be sentenced in the Salt Lake City courtroom, Monday, September 19, 2011 at 2:00   pm. U.S. District Court, 350 South Main Street, Salt Lake City, Utah, Judge Ted Stewart’s   courtroom, 1st Floor, Room 142.

Excerpts below from Bond’s Essay “Green is the New Rage

Please do not consider me a “Green Scare” defendant and please do not become scared to be “Green.” Better yet, please do not be scared to be militant, or outspoken, or an activist for the legal aboveground or clandestine underground.  Still better, don’t give in to state-sanctioned fear.

Once you do, you’re being reactive and that’s what they’re counting on. Also, you are giving the security forces of animal exploitation too much power. Power they don’t deserve!

…[A]s a movement, we need to be empowering each other to act. not scaring the shit out of activists under any pretext. It’s a fact that the ALF, ELF, and aggressive legal activists are in the crosshairs of the power structure – not just here, but globally. The only way that will change is by becoming ineffective welfarists that never rock the boat and are literally in cahoots with abusers or by not compromising the animals lives and keeping ourselves and our movement on the frontlines and in the trenches, kicking ass and taking names…

Those in power abuse that power to smash resistance to the status quo. It’s as old as the hills. Every single movement for progressive change has faced a system that has turned on them with vengeance and often violence. Look at the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense. A mere 43 years ago, there were 150 Panthers, political prisoners, locked up in the prison system… Part of being an outlaw is accepting the consequences, or at least making peace with them before you ever act. 

So what’s the proper response to “the Green Scare”? How about “the Green Rage”? …Consider me a prisoner of war and a proponent of the Green Rage! It’s not 9-1-1 anymore and this is not FOXNews—so no militant Earth rights activist or self-respecting anarchist should be defending or limiting their actions in accordance with government witch hunts. If you look at the communiques from the underground in the last 18 months… The ALF was active in 32 countries and only 7 underground activists were caught (including myself) world wide!…

Excerpts from Bond’s essay “Biocentric and Symbiotic,” written in Golden, Colorado jail, December 15, 2010.

Biocentric is just a way of saying from our Mother Earth’s point of view instead of just our own species (by ‘our’ I mean all Life not just humans). To begin the paradigm shift to a biocentric worldview is a life-long journey for us alienated humans…. Our Mother Earth does not need spokespersons, she needs warriors. If these words seem severe, it only because something must counteract the cowardice and apathy of the First World, consumer junkie drones. The militant Animal Liberation movements and the militant Earth Liberation movements are extensions of one another. Just as the squirrel and the tree. Together we form the pinnacle of all other liberation movements because if we fail there will be no more humanity to liberate. The time will soon be upon us where our Mother Earth will retaliate just as a body seeks to destroy a virus…

Write Walter support letters at: Davis County Jail, Walter Bond 2011-03339, PO Box 130, Farmington UT 84025-0130

To  find out about other political prisoner and eco-prisoners of war (including Tim DeChristopher, who happens to be at the same jail as Walter) visit EarthFirstJournal.org/prisoners

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