Stopping dams in the Amazon: a message from John Seed

Long time Earth First! activist from Australia, John Seed, sends this message to EF!ers in the US:

“Dear Friends in the US, I am helping to organize an international day of action for the Amazon on Monday August 22. This is to protest the Belo Monte Dam and 60 other dams that have been given the go ahead by the Brazilian government. Unless people worldwide rally in support of the local indigenous people and stop these dams, they will flood the heart of the Amazon rainforest and displace tens of thousands of tribal people who have been living in harmony with the jungle since time immemorial.”

Brazil has Embassies and Consulates in over 125 countries. In the US, there is a Brazilian embassy in DC  and Consulates Greneral in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Hartford, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and San Francisco. So far, actions are being planned for New York, San Francisco, and Salt Lake City.


Find out more on the Belo Monte dam from Amazon Watch.

More about John Seed and Rainforest Information Centre


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