“McKay 09″ Logging Permit Extended

crossposted from EF!Humboldt ~ August 1st, 2011.

The California Department of Deforestation has granted Green Diamond an extension on their plan to clear-cut the grove that we have been defending for three years. The plan is eligible for two one-year extensions including this one. The seasonal restrictions on destroying Northern Spotted Owl nesting zones will end once more on the 15th of August. Then Green Diamond may use one of their permits to harass, harm or kill this endangered species. N. Spotted Owls continue to decline in numbers throughout their range. Not that wildlife isn’t great company, but we’d hoped that the logging corporation would abandon this highly destructive plan and let the forest stand as part of a new Community Forest that GD announced they were seeking to establish. Instead, they’ve given us cause to redouble our efforts.

Would you like to live in the tree village (or do ground work) for a week to a year? Let us know! CRC logoWhile we have been focused on this part of the forest, Green Diamond and other timber companies continue the plunder of our life-sustaining systems. We are part of a widespread movement to confront and avert the death by 1,000 cuts of our forests (and all) ecosystems. Deforestation is one of the leading contributors to the climate disaster. Boycott the Green Diamond brand-name.

Green Diamonds Aren’t Forever!

End Clear-cutting! Earth First!
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