Coal River Mountain Treesit Updates


8/2/2011: After being a participant for 14 days on the still-active treesit at Coal River Mountain, WV, Becks Kolins descended the tulip poplar and was immediately apprehended. In their own words, Becks writes “I am not doing this because I am giving up but rather because I am taking the fight into jail and into the legal system”
Read the full arrest statement written by Becks Kolins in their own words HERE


Becks Kolins has been released without bail after being charged with trespassing, conspiracy and littering. Becks Kolins has also released a follow-up statement about their arrest and what is still to come with this protest: (Excerpt)

“Thank you all for your support; Catherine Ann and I relished in it while we sat, sometimes very bored, in our trees. Although Catherine Ann is up there by herself right now, she remains very strong, and will love the time this solitude will give her with nature. Please continue supporting Catherine Ann and Ramps as she remains in her tree and we continue to stop work on the Bee Tree Hollow Permit!!!

read the full statement here

Catherine-Ann Macdougal is doing well, according to her own words posted on the RAMPS update page.
“We need to fight boldly for our rights and for those of others. Or they will continue to be stripped away, like the forest from this mountain.”


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