Black Cat Sabotage Handbook Released


Announcing the online release of the Black Cat Sabotage Handbook The Black Cat Sabotage Handbook is a resistance movement artifact that appeared mysteriously (thank you, whoever you are!) in the distro area at the 2010 Wild Roots Feral Futures eco-defense & rewilding gathering. After more than a year and numerous requests, the Dirty Hands Collective has decided to release the manual on-line, piece by piece (the manual is 136 pages long so scanning it all at once for release at places like seemed unrealistic, though we plan to compile the sections as we release them for later uploading in one file). As far as we can tell, it does not exist anywhere else online, yet. As to the history of the document, we can uncover little other than one source that credits its authorship to Avalon, aka William Rogers, the Green Scare arrestee who committed suicide in his cell shortly after arrest. We’d like confirmation of this, one way or the other, and regardless, would like to dedicate this blog to Avalon’s spirit and memory. We’ll periodically post .jpeg file images, true to color and condition, as we scan them, as well as links to .pdf file versions. To preserve the integrity of the document we’re posting full sized pages, even when the page content doesn’t take up the entire page and there’s blank space that we could have just cropped out. Enjoy!

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