Cascadia Forest Defenders Action Camp starts next week in Oregon

Forest Action CampActivists are invited to to support direct action in defenseof a beloved, ancient coastal rainforest, the Elliott State Forest. Under the watchful mismanagement of the Oregon Department of Forestry,timber barons are actively razing this rare, 93,000 acre cathedral of previously untouched wilderness. It’s time for friends of Cascadia to take a stand against the dozens of clearcuts on the table for 2011-2012.

Workshops will include: climb trainings, backwoods stealth and evasion, know your rights, and anti-oppression. Campers should be self sufficient with food and water. Town will be an hour drive away from the campsite, though there will be a creek near the site for those with water filters.

The Elliott lies roughly 2 hours Southwest of Eugene. Specific directionsto the site will be posted on the week before camp,or you can contact (530)521-4991 for directions until the 22nd. Please contact if you would like to share a ride or if you need a ride.

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