Justin Solondz’s Address Released

From NYC Anarchist Black Cross

FBI mug shot of Justin Solondz

According to federal authorities, Mr. Solondz made incendiary devices that destroyed a horticulture center at the University of Washington in Seattle in May 2001. Prosecutors also accuse him of burning down buildings and vehicles in Oregon that same day, and will attempt to link him to a later arson attack in California.

On the lam, Justin was eventually arrested in China in March 2009, when the Chinese police arrested him in the mountains of Yunnan Province after he was caught with drugs and fake Canadian identification. About a month later, he was tried and sentenced to three years in prison. Within the last month or so, Justin was released from prison in China and deported to the United States, where he was immediately arrested and taken into federal custody.

Please keep in mind that Justin is pre-trial and that the crimes with which is charged are all mere allegations. Write a letter to Justin at:

Justin Solondz #98291-011

MCC Chicago

71 West Van Buren Street

Chicago, Illinois 60605

For tips on letterwriting, check out this site: prisonerlife.com

UPDATE: the above address has changed. Find a more current address by clicking here

[editors’ note: Since the time of this article, Justin’s address has changed several times. Please visit our eco-prisoners list to find his current address.]

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