NEW VIDEO… Earth First! Dances on Governor’s Table in Tar Sands Protest


HELENA, Montana—Check out this new short film from the Earth First! occupation of the Montana capitol against the Tar Sands and other industrial energy infrastructure in the Northern Rockies, following the 2011 Round River Rendezvous.

Five people locked down, 20 danced on the governor’s table, 70 people occupied the office, business as usual was disrupted! If you can, please consider donating a bit of money to the arrestee’s legal fund HERE

Note from the filmmaker: “Please pass this along to your friends, groups you work with, and listserves you’re a part of. Let’s build the movement and help put some money in the legal fund for people who put their bodies and freedom on the line!”

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  2. These are the faces of who will inherit the mess left by these dirty oil companies. They deserve to be heard. I am so proud of them for taking a stand. There are so many troubling issues facing us today, and all are based in greed. Thank you for your courage.

  3. Great job! The next generation can learn from your tactics and possibly the Marcellus activists with the current anti-environmental climate in Pennsylvania.

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