Hudson Valley Earth First! joins fight to close Indian Point Nuke plant

On June 2nd the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) had a meeting to talk about the safety of Indian Point reactors # 2 & 3.  Over 500 people showed up to voice concerns over the deteriorating power plant. Below are excerpts from a statement put out by Hudson Valley Earth First! for the event:

“Our bioregion is under attack! Entergy Nuclear Northeast and its lackeys the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) have plans to rubber stamp a 20 year renewal license of the Indian Point Power Plant in Buchanan, NY.  The Hudson River Valley; the place we call home, is under threat from 20 more years of fish kills, unsafe spent fuel storage and numerous safety violations/exemptions that we cannot predict. If we haven’t learned from the Chernobyl and Three Mile Island disasters, the recent meltdown at Fukushima in Japan should remind us of the inherent risks of Nuclear Power, not to mention that we have NO place to store the radioactive waste from Nuclear energy. WE MUST PERMANENTLY SHUT IT DOWN to protect the water and land we are part of! 

Hudson Valley Earth First! has joined over 50 organizations calling for the PERMANENT SHUT DOWN of Indian Point. For decades; diligent activists and citizens have signed petitions, picketed, protested, filed lawsuits and worked to close the plant down, or at the very least abide by regulations. However, none of these have worked thus far. We are at a pivotal point and must escalate with more creative action and be willing to take risks to defend our home. We are dealing with a powerful industry that prides itself on being “green.” We must expose their lies and take direct action to close it down and prevent anymore plants from being built!”

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