Call to Defend Old Growth Forests in Eastern Oregon

Northern Spotted owl in Deschutes National Forests

An Action Alert from the Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project (BMBP) is asking people to help stop the Forest Service from moving forward on the 5 Buttes timber sale in Deschutes National Forest. At stake are over 3,000 acres of Northern Spotted owl habitat suitable for nesting, roosting and foraging. The Forest Service admits that the area would no longer be suitable habitat after the sale, which has no size limit for logging. The diverse forest includes old growth Sugar pine, Shasta Red fir, Grand fir, White pine, Ponderosa pine, and Douglas fir. While representatives of the Forest Service from the Crescent Ranger District claim the 5 Buttes sale is scheduled for later in the year, BMBP (a group which has been surveying timber sales in Eastern Oregon for 20 years) believes that the sale could begin destroying the area at any time.

View across Davis Lake, which is adjacent to the 5 Buttes timber sale

Oregon is home to some of this country’s last remaining old growth, native forests. Tell the Forest Service to cancel the 5 Buttes sale now.

You can call the Deschutes Forest Supervisor and tell ’em how you feel at (541) 383-5300. And if that isn’t satisfying, call the people responsible for managing the sale at the Crescent Ranger District (541) 433-3200.

And if that don’t do it, get ready to strap on your climbing harnesses…

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  1. This is terrible! It has to be stopped NOW! Money is destroying everything around us, and if this isn’t proof that it doesn’t matter how beautiful or natural something is, and that everything comes with a price tag, you, dear reader, need a very harsh dose of reality. What these money-hungry pricks want to do is SICK. If it came down to it, I’m willing to bet these shit eating bastards would sell their families for a profit. You greedy, gluttonous, miserable excuses for a heartbeat make me sad to be in the same species. Lust for money has replaced the integrity of your soul, and when that forest is gone, and you’ve destroyed the homes and breeding grounds of countless innocent animals, I only hope you remember how much you deserve it when someone destroys everything you’ve lived for.

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