2011 Earth First! Round River Rendezvous in the Wild Rockies: Help Stop the Megaloads!

2011 national gathering, July 5th-12th in the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness of Idaho and Montana

An Elk and lots of Earth First!ers climbing in the trees await your arrival at the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness this Summer!

Click here to read the full, hair-raising invite, with color photos and extra details!

Come make some Bitterroot memories in the land of breathtaking natural beauty, where you are afraid to look away… You may encounter lynx, grizzly, wolf or cougar, but probably not because they have 3.6 million acres of protected wilderness to hide from you (the Frank Church and Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness). Help defend the Big Wild from the oily hands of resource extraction.

This will be an 8-day campout gathering of resistance to dirty, destructive energy extraction. Some of the areas we will focus on are: the Alberta Tar Sands & Utah Tar Sands, Black Mesa, Mountaintop Removal and Fracking.

This is an invitation for indigenous, activist and local speakers to teach us about your campaign. We are also encouraging musicians who perform environmental and social justice music.

Northern Rockies Earth First! “Where the Road Ends and the Wild Begins”

Directions for this year’s Earth First! Round River Rendezvous will be posted on these web sites:


You may also call NREF! at 208-596-3319 or email us at nref@rocketmail.com

General Directions

If you are flying, come into the Spokane, WA airport or Lewiston, ID or Moscow/Pullman or Missoula, MT. If you are coming from the Idaho side you will head east on US 12. From Missoula you will head west on US 12. As of this writing the site is under many feet of snow. Keep an eye on the web sites or contact us.

The site will be between Kamiah, Idaho and Lolo, Montana.

Here is a link to a flyer to print out and post up:

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  1. I very dissapointed to hear this organization represents nothing but tree huggers! If I had known this, I never would have joined! I am an avid environmentalist, we built the Alaska Pipeline, after spending 4 years in court fighting tree huggers like you, who said we would ruin the Alaskan frontier! Mission acomplished, this was a step to becomming energy independant. The beautiful country your talking about, will not be spoiled, if oil is developed their, in fact the oil companies will improve the environment, just like they did in Alaska. More importantly, if America does not get busy and develope our own resources, China will take us over within two years!! By the way, does the air plane’s you fly in use fuel, or hot air? If we don’t get our own fuel from America, then no tourist could evercome vist this country that you worship so much!

    Sincerely, Ray Smith

  2. Hey Ray– Sounds like the pipelines you built put off some fumes that addled your brain. You should get that checked out.

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