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Marie Mason has been transferred to Carswell: “It has long been rumored that Carswell is the location a third CMU (Communications Management Unit). The CMUs were previously secret detention wings of prisons which severely curtail prisoners’ access to the outside world; for more on them, see: Daniel’s article here

Please write to Mason:

Marie Mason #04672-061
FMC Carswell
Federal Medical Center
P.O. Box 27137
Fort Worth, TX 76127

Support Alex
On July 6, Alex Hall received a 21-month sentence in the A.L.F. liberation of 650 mink in South Jordan, Utah. Check out the article here

Dispersants are making the Gulf go Crazy!
This article shows that sea life is becoming quite “unusual” as animals and plants respond to the usage of huge amounts of chemical dispersants. According to fisherman Danny Ross, “Sea creatures that are normally bottom species are on top of the water due to the water column is so full of dispersants. The oxygen level is so low. A horseshoe crab, it’s on top of the water trying to swim. We’ve never seen that in our life. We might not be biologists, but we know our waters. This is not normal.”

Quebec Resistance
Quebec group, Résistance internationaliste, claimed responsibility for a bomb that destroyed a military recruitment office in Sureté du Quebec. The group has also been linked to the bombing of an oil-industry spokesman’s car in 2006 and the explosion of a Hydro-Quebec electrical tower in 2004.

Russian Fascists Attack
Following up on activist reports from Russia, a week long demonstration against clearcuts resulted in the beatings of 3 environmentalists by Fascists. The protests were staged against French company, Vinci, for its plans to cut down a forest that provides green space in the otherwise stark area of Moscow.
According to China Worker, “This attack comes at the end of a week of wide scale attacks on Russia’s opposition. At the beginning of the week, the environmentalist camp in Khininskii forest was broken up by a similar group of thugs, during which police looked the other way commenting ‘this is what you get for attacking Putin’. Fifty people were later arrested as they tried to join the environmentalists in solidarity. In St Petersburg over 90 were arrested, and in Moscow another 50 for their attempts to take part in protests to protests at further restrictions, on democratic rights. Individual arrests have also taken place on framed up charges of two young anti fascists and the leader of the environmentalists.”
For more info, click here

Video TIME!!!
From You Tube: “In a lead-up to a protest at Los Alamos National Laboratory, ‘Think Outside the Bomb’ hosted a week-long traing and summer camp and is shown here marching through the streets of Santa Fe, sending delegations to local offices of the EPA, uranium producer law firms, and ending their action with an impromptu dance in the New Mexico State Capitol Building.

Think Outside the Bomb (TOTB) is a national youth-led nuclear abolition network that has organized seven conferences in the past five years, educating and mobilizing hundreds of young people to actively resist the dangerous and destructive nuclear cycle.”


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