News Wrap-Up: Greenpeace in Poland, Ruckus Society Gathering, Prisoner Support in Action, and more…

Ruckus is proud to announce that our 2010 Action Camp will be focused on Ecological Justice, and will take place September 15-21 at Harmony Park in Clarks Grove, MN!

A 23 foot rise in sea level could come about very soon, as scientists have discovered due to the melting of the Greenland Ice Sheath as global temperatures continue to rise. Read more here

There’s a new Campaign to stop the harassment of the Zapatistas and indigenous peoples of southern Mexico. Click here for more details.

Megan Adam, supporter of Green Scare snitch, Darren Thurston, was stopped from speaking on a panel about Canadian repression. As an infoshop article states:
“Megan Adam had been scheduled to speak on a panel with Sid Tan, Billie Pierre, and Bill Lightbown titled: ‘People’s History Of Kanada Chapter 3: Communiqués from 20 years of Resistance in B.C.’ Under the Volcano organizers exercised extreme ignorance and insulting negligence in placing Megan Adam in a panel with Indigenous Land Defenders Billie Pierre and elder Bill Lightbown. Pierre spoke about NYM and repression of AIM, including the dire consequences faced by AIM due to informants. Bill Lightbown was scheduled to speak after Adam, but the workshop was shutdown by the facilitator because Adam would not be allowed to speak. During the disruption, Pierre stated that she was not comfortable speaking on a panel with Adam. After the panel, she stated that the Under the Volcano organizers did not inform her or Bill Lightbown of Adam’s presence on the panel.”

Now for a bit of direct action: Greenpeace activists occupied the roof of Poland’s Environmental Ministry in Warsaw. “We demand that the environment minister stop deforestation of the Bialowieska Primeval Forest until a new management plan for the forest is drawn up,” said Robert Cyglicki from Greenpeace Poland.

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