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A protest against the murder of a 15 year old Mexican boy on Mexican soil by a Border Patrol agent occurred close to the city of El Paso. Protesters crossed the Rio Grande and cut a hole in the fence. The 15 year-old, Sergio Adrian Hernández Guereca, was shot last Wednesday for throwing rocks at the Border Patrol agents who were using excessive force in subduing a migrant who had just crossed to the US side. He was on Mexican soil, running away from the Border Patrol on the other side of the river, when he poked his head out from behind a tree and was shot in the head and then again five seconds later. Some may say this is not an environmental action, but we have learned from life that there are no real borders beyond the mind except those imposed on us by nature, and any violence committed in the name of false borders, imposed violently on nature, is a crime against ecology.

Over 200 people rallied beneath Perdido Pass in Alabama to protest BP.

On the Animal Rights front, SHAC is calling for an international day of action on the week of June 21st – 27th: “we are calling for all activists to organise demos, phone calls and emails against HLS’ lifeline lender, Fortress Investment Group, and all associated companies – Nomura, Intrawest, Rail America, GateHouse Media and other subsidiary companies owned by Fortress. For more information, see:

There are targets across the world that all make up the web of abuse.

Fortress is vital to HLS’ survival, who are still millions of dollars in debt and are struggling to stay afloat. Since the recent buyout of HLS, they
are now in even more debt – totalling over $100 million. Fortress themselves are also in heavy financial trouble due to the recession – so
now is a great time to ask them to recall HLS’ loan of $70 million plus! Without this loan, HLS could not have stayed open these past years – and if it was recalled, they could not stay open in the future.

More information and global targets can be found at:

See you on the streets!

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