Cascadia Regional Rondy Starts Today, Senate Energy Hearing Disrupted by CodePink, and more. . .

In other news, there will be a progressiveclimate conference in Australia this November. It is important to support activist-run climate conferences in order find ways to put pressure on the “official delegates.” Continue the struggle all over the world for the wild!

Police were forced to apologize formally to two 13 year-old twins for violating their rights in 2008, when police unlawfully broke up a climate camp protesting coal in Kingsnorth, Scotland. In the meantime, 13 machines were sabotaged in Machines sabotaged at Banks Group’s Shotton opencast coal mine near Cramlington on the morning of the May 24. From Earth First UK: “One excavator, two bulldozers and ten heavy earth movers were damaged. The damage included cut electrics, cut hydraulics and coal dust in oil tanks. Also 150 meters of water pipe was slashed, flooding an area of the mine. Shotton opencast is operated by Banks Mining and started working in 2008. It is expected to extract 3.4 million tonnes of coal, two million tonnes of shale and 750,000 tonnes of fireclay over an eight-year period. This action was taken by a group of autonomous people resisting total environmental destruction, climate change and civilised culture, and in solidarity with all people who are struggling against the coal industry.”

Co-founder of Codepink, Diane Wilson, was arrested for pouring oil on herself during a senate energy hearing. Her statement to Senator Murkowski among others who relieve BP from responsibility over the Deep Horizon spill goes like this: “Senator Murkowski, shame on you. You must stand with the shrimpers, the community, the wildlife, the earth, not big oil.”

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