A Reeling World Gasps for Breath

Through murky lens of what might turn out to be the most catastrophic oil spill ever, the world’s usual violence becomes intensified. How are we to deal with these times?

Protests against BP are still ongoing after a difficult weekend
Police were caught on tape attacking protesters as somewhere around 800 bicyclists protested BP in Los Angeles on May 29.

20 people gathered in Charlottesville, NC, outside of a BP station, protesting the corporation’s failure to deal with their disastrous off-shore explosion. Some called for a boycott of BP while others called for the use of Hemp instead of oil. Activists also gathered in Fort Wayne, IN, Royal Oaks, MI, Clearwater, FL and Bloomington, MN.

Meanwhile, protests have raged all over the world in response to the attacking of a humanitarian aid vessel by the military-industrial state of Israel. Clashes with the police occurred outside the Israeli Consulate in Paris, as thousands gathered in London and a large emergency protest convened in New York City. More protests are planned around the world, from New Zealand to Istanbul to Vancouver, to demonstrate against the latest vicious display of Israeli aggression against a peaceful mission. 700 activists were seized by Israeli commandos during the assault and at least 19 activists are reported dead. This comes after the brutal shooting of EF!er, Tristan Anderson, by Israeli military forces during a protest against the Israeli-Palestine wall (a wall under construction by the same corporations constructing the US-Mexico border wall).

Here is the full video of Noam Chomsky speaking a few weeks ago at the Left Forum. The speech is called “The Center Cannot Hold.”

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